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      Blood Transfusion Institute of Serbia, Svetog Save 39 Open from Monday to Friday, 7 - 19h, Saturday 8 -15hTransmobile at the Republic Square, Belgrade, every day except Sunday, 11 to 17 hEmergency Center – Voluntary blood donation unit, every day except Sunday, 9 to 16 h
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    • Professional education and Training

      Responsibilities and tasks of the Scientific Research and Education Service make up a significant part of the activities of the BTIS including:Scientific research activities Education activities Professional training Scientific research work at the BTIS includes activities significant for the BTIS and the Republic of Serbia as a whole. Its objective is to improve the activities of the BTIS in the framework of blood transfusion, related with the implementation of new methods in routine practice, improvement of the production processes, acquiring new knowledge in domain of transfusion medicine and associated medical disciplines. In accordance with the Act on Scientific Research Activities of the Republic of Serbia, health care professionals at the BTIS acquire academic qualifications and gain opportunities to take aprt in the projects financed by the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia, depending on the scientific competence of each candidate. Besides possibility of participation in the projects financed by the Government of Serbia, internal projects are designed and carried out within the BTIS, significant for the improvement of blood transfusion service. Educational Activities at the BTIS are performed in compliabce with the legal regulations, BTIS Statute, Contracts signed by the BTIS and other educational institutions (Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade, Nurses and Technicians College and Secondary Medical School) and on the Decree of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Medical Academy, Belgrade, based on the decision made by the BTIS Stirring Committee.
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  • Complaints / Remarks

    Ваша локација Blood Transfusion Institute of Serbia / Services and Products / Complaints / Remarks

    Complaints / Remarks 

    Users of services and products of the BTIS can file their complaints / remarks on the quality of service or products to:


    Patient`s right officer

    Ljiljana Stakić

    tel.: 011 3812 797

    e-mail: lj.stakic@nbti.org.rs



    Public Relations associate

    Gordana Antuljeskov

    Tel.: 011 3440 479

    Cell.: 064 8392 610

    e-mail: itks@sezampro.rs



    Head of the Quality Assurance and Control Service  

    Dragica Vidanović

    Tel.: 011 3830 592

    Cell.: 064 2378 519

    e-mail: d.vidanovic@gmail.com



    B.  Visitors` impressions, suggestions, remarks and complaints books at:

    1.       Blood and blood components collection department,

    2.       Donor  apheresis division,

    3.       Investigation and control of donors` blood department,

    4.       Department of pretransfusion investigaiton, blood and blood products distribution and haemovigilance, 

    5.       Clinical transfusion department,

    6.       Patients` admission laboratory and other diagnostics department,

    7.       Haemostasis disorders department with the Inherited Coagulation Disorders Register.


    C.            Insert into the Complaints and Remarks Box located in the entrance hall of the bTIS.

    Employees of the BTIS can file their complaints and remarks into the Complaints and Remarks Box  of the Employees (groundfloor of the main BTIS building, across the elevator).


    March 25th, 2013                                 

    Director of the Blood Transfusion Institute of Serbia